Placement for Technician Notes

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It would be great if above the invoice summary there was a box called technician notes where they would live and not populate onto the invoice. The process for our company at the moment is the technician notes and billing notes have to be copied and pasted into the history on the job side. This process has become very time consuming for the billing department as they have to do it for every invoice populated. 

Is anyone else facing this issue or have any solutions? 


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Our techs deal with two types of notes, those that we want the customer to see and those that we don't.  If the tech wants the customer to see the note, he puts it in the invoice summary so it shows on the invoice.  If, however, the note isn't for the customer, he goes to the project and adds the note to project notes.  He will date his note, add the text, and save it as a project note.  The customer doesn't see those.

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