Service Location Email - Invoice Issue

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When emailing job invoice we are unable to see any email addresses associated with the service location.  As of Monday we had the option to select ANY/ALL email addresses, whether the email address was on the customer record side OR the service location side.  


This is effecting our workflow as we have jobs where the invoices are site specific and always changing and I'm wondering if anyone else is experiencing this.



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You still retain the option to select which email address to send the invoice to, provided that the customer (Bill to) has multiple email addresses. It was never intended to email the location email unless entered manually. If the customer has two or more email addresses, when you click on "Email the Invoice," you will be prompted to choose whether to email one or all of the available email addresses.

I made this recording to explain how this works Here 

Of course you can still email the  customer Location if they happen to have a diff email, but you will have to enter it manually ( see attached)

Monosnap Invoice - ServiceTitan - Google Chrome 20.png

I will email you with this information as well, if you have any more questions please respond to the email.




Jaouad S.
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I had this same conversation with tech support this morning.  It's a major inconvenience to have to enter an email address in both the customer record and the location record.  I hope they can fix this in an upcoming update.

Hello Jaouad,

per our CSM, this is a bug that has been escalated to engineering for troubleshooting.  Having to manually input email addresses, even if they're only site specific, is time consuming and effects our workflows that have been in place for over two years.  This appears to be an issue that arose after a recent release and we're hoping for resolution.