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According to National Day Calendar, today is Get to Know Your Customers Day. This day reminds businesses to reach out to their customers to get to know them better beyond everyday interactions. I chose today to share reflections on my experience with our amazing ServiceTitan Community in 2022, as the team and I have had the extraordinary privilege of getting to know YOU more every day over the last year.

In early 2022, we said goodbye to the previous ServiceTitan Community platform. We ushered in a brand new, fantastic experience that was genuinely built for, by, and with you, our customers. We had the pleasure of connecting with you during Pantheon 2022 at the LA Coliseum. For many of you, this was your first introduction to Community and the value it brings to support your journey with ServiceTitan. I am so thankful that the team and I had an opportunity to demo the new Community platform and, more importantly, share our passion for building a Community with you.

Whether by design or circumstance, we chose to officially launch our new Community on May 4th. I believe the universe selected that date so that we could share another amazing video from the illustrious @BCN  (go check it out here). Since then, you have truly embraced the ServiceTitan Community and made it an engaging place to support each other. I don't want to spoil our first anniversary on May 4th, but I would like to share some outstanding Community statistics from 2022.

In 2022, you:

  • Viewed 525,546 pages - that’s like reading the OSHA General Industry Regulations [Book 29 CFR 1910] 663 times! 😱
  • Spent 480,689 minutes in the Community - or 4,005 service calls
  • Created 2,182 Discussion topics
  • Made 6,674 comments on Discussions and articles
  • Identified 434 Accepted Solutions 
  • Gave 9,166 kudos - that’s a LOT of high-fives
  • Joined 2,743 others in one of 17 Groups, and
  • Earned 17,189 badges!

We can’t wait to connect more with you in 2023 and look forward to improving your Community experience even more!

See you in the Community!


Absolutely amazing stuff!

Former Titan

Wow!! What an incredible first year. I'm going to throw a special thank you out to all the ServiceTitan Certified Admins who have been such contributors to the growth and success of all ServiceTitan users through their engagement here in Community,

So excited to see what 2023 will bring!

ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

Great Stats, love the engagement! Can't wait to see what goes down in the "C" for 2023!

ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

Woah!!! This is incredible! I’m so excited to watch how it develops in time ❤️