Arrival Window Restrictions

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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

Good morning!

There was a post on Masterminds today about Arrival Window Restrictions.  I played around with it but it doesn't seem to actually do anything.  I searched the KB and didn't find anything there.  Anyone know much about this?


Miranda Melnychuk, RSE
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Hello Miranda, I hope all is well today. I see that you have questions on Arrival Window restrictions. The Arrival Window Restrictions feature allows you to customize your booking confirmation and reminder notification messages, and if you want, you can delete or remove both the Arrival window start time and Arrival window end time. You can also change the arrival window setting. Additionally, the Arrival restriction window works by taking into account the total adjustable capacity for each time slot/arrival window, which is calculated based on factors such as available technician shifts, base capacity, availability threshold, manual adjustments, and job durations. Our team will be working on sharing more information on this. 

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Thank you for reaching out. One of our product experts will be in touch shortly by email to further assist you.