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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

I was trying to book a customer. I put in their address, and nothing came up. Put in their names, and nothing came up. We have been out there several times. When I went to just create a new customer and hit save, it told me the customer address already existed. So, I went back and tried again, and nothing came up. I created a new account for them and the searched their name and then both profiles came up at that time. Then I had to go in and deactivate the new account I created for them. This has happened to me 2 times before over the last 1.5 months. I don't want this to become an issue, but is this happening to others?


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We teach to search for the "Root" street address in the street field on the job booking page. The "Root" street address is the street number & base portion of the street name. Example: 1254 Holly Bend Place, we would search for 1254 Holly. The search function works similar to excel, once a character is entered in the search field that is not in the address listed in Service Titan, the search will not return a result. Searching for the Root address removes the issues like street name being 1 word or 2, or pl vs pl. vs place. Searching by name or phone number are all dependent on that data being on the account, but the location is a constant regardless of an account name or phone number. 

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I'm a little late to this discussion, but when you are looking for the customer, are you looking under "Customer" or "Location"?  In my experience, if you look under just the customer name, sometimes a customer who has multiple locations doesn't always have the address/location pop up.  But if you specifically search for the location (address), even if it's a smaller abbreviation like mentioned above, it tends to pop up.  We see this a lot with landlord/tenant accounts where people have a job location with a different customer billing address.  

The other thing that I would check is to make sure you are searching for "Active" accounts and not "Inactive" accounts if you're trying to find a location.  Unless you know for sure that it's been deemed inactive.  Hope that helps!

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This has happened to me before! I have also found that if I search by less criteria, the customer will pull up. Or by the phone number. 

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I get this sometimes when I spell out "road" or "street" (for example) and the account was set up with the abbreviation "rd"/ "st".  Sometimes I find less is more, leaving off the fist name has been good for me.

I hope this helps.