Resolved! It would be great if admin could delete recorded calls

Sensitive phone calls WILL come in, and if you or the person answering the call cannot "pause" the recording, there should be an option for the admin to delete the recording.Secondly, we noticed private voicemails to individual extensions are being r...

Resolved! Email

What if we have a customer that does not use email, Can we skip that part of the log in process?

Time Zone Selection from Call Booking Screen

We are a business that schedules service calls in two different time zones but our main office is in a different time zone from one of the locations. We would like to see a feature where we can set each business unit to have its own unique time zone....

Overhall the schedule calendar

We have been working on a way to utilize our salesman's schedule. Currently we are using outlook to do so but would love to get rid of outlook as our calendar app and utilize service titan. It looks like as though there are some good bones in the sch...

jruthafo by New Contributor
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Call screen

I was trying to book a customer. I put in their address, and nothing came up. Put in their names, and nothing came up. We have been out there several times. When I went to just create a new customer and hit save, it told me the customer address alrea...

ilenab by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Fix Chat Contact Labeling

Currently, Service Titan uses the "Bill To" name of a given client to label any chat under that client.It seems painfully obvious when stated out loud, but it seems much more appropriate to refer to the "Contact Name" associated with the mobile phone...

araufman by New Contributor
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Resolved! Allow Service Titan Report to Access Who Closed a Chat

Hi! We are having an issue as of lately where Service Titan chats with customers are being closed before they are being responded to. We require our staff to be the last one to reply in a message so that we know it was resolved and who resolved it. I...

Resolved! Call Bubble

Can we have a notification besides the green bubble, like the whole page light up or there be a sound something that indicates a call is coming in. Often I am multitasking and not all of my calls have bubbles so I am not constantly checking to see if...

jvo1 by New Contributor II
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