Create Estimate from Job Booking page

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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

Anybody have the Create Estimate from Job Booking page toggled on? What kind of business units are you using it for? Have you run into any issues allowing CSRs to build an estimate for the tech from the office?

We don't give out pricing over the phone but I think this would be a useful tool for certain job types that are the same every time. 







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From what I understand, it does not matter what business unit or job type is selected. It just needs to have the required fields for some reason. 

The sold by and other details can be edited once the estimate is created. I have only seen this way of creating estimates for or from the office though. If the estimate is not connected to a job, it may effect certain metrics that deal with job estimates conversion by technicians. 

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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

I never knew that feature existed! That's cool!

For commercial purposes, would this allow you to build an estimate without booking a job?

Miranda Hufford, Office Manager @ Red Barn Service, LLC

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ServiceTitan Certified Provider

Hi @AlexPhylactou  -- the key is to making this is to ensure your pricebook services are updated so all the CSR has to do is add the pricebook rather than try to price and figure out what else may be needed, also be up front with the customer letting them know that this is an estimate on the surface and not the final pricing, depending on what the tech may run into while on the job this will change. Lastly, you can use an office BU or if they know which trade or BU to use they can certainly use that when building out the estimate.

Sheena @ NiFT