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Is there a way to create a good better best estimate from the office without having to make three separate estimates.  In the field I understand we can, but at this point the office is doing any estimating until the guys get more comfortable with ST.  I have added upgrades to some of our services in the pricebook, but don't see a way to turn that into good better best from the office.  help?


ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

We are in the process of creating proposal templates so we can add our estimate templates to them.  It is on the templates to the left on the pricebook.  From the office side you can add the proposal template to an estimate but only if that proposal is assigned that business unit for that job.  We are still in the baby stages of this.  haha.  Hope this helps. Capture5.PNGCapture6.PNG  

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Hi! Are you already using estimate templates and adding them to jobs? You can make a Good, Better, Best proposal template that creates 3 estimates and also if you click into one of the estimates > email > there's an option to include all estimates so you don't have to worry about sending three different emails to the customer. 


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I just created our first proposal template. How does the tech access it from the mobile side

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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

From the mobile side they would click on estimate tab on the left side and type in the proposal name when adding the estimate.  The proposal will need to have estimate templates assigned to it and the tech on the job would need to be a managed tech.