Need Help Engaging Your CSR's? Let's Talk About It..

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Every month, LadyTitans (a Women's Empowerment group), gets the pleasure of bringing out the women and allies of the trades come and speak about leadership, business operations, mindset and so much more! 

In last month's meeting, we dove deep with Renee Lenox of Service Specialties Inc of Chantilly, Virginia. Renee is an operations manager who manages the call center, marketing, and much more.

She dives into her experience with taking ownership of her call center and managing expectations and goal setting through employee engagement sessions. This video is great for CSR's to bring to the table to their managers, and for CSR managers to start employee engagement meetings so that they can bring the fun, develop new roles, and understand the sentiment of the company from a high-level perspective.
In this video we’ll walk you through:

  • Taking ownership of your call center
  • Employee Engagement Monthly Meetings
  •  Taking action by creating the role your employee really wants to learn

Watch the meeting here 📹

Let's go Renee Lenox !!! THANK YOU 

 @reneem tagging you in, if anyone has questions! 




ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

Thanks Sarah! I had a blast speaking during the monthly meeting! 

Renee Lenox - Service Specialties Inc. | LadyTitans Board Member