Auto Adjust Splits

Hi all, I was having some issues with closing out a job and creating a new appointment on a multiple man job. We noticed, since we had recently terminated an employee, who was 100% on the job, we were unable to do these requests. It would be nice in ...

jenniferg by New Contributor
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Resolved! Make preferred tech more visible on location profile

I love that in the customer location you can select the customer's preferred tech however, I wish it was more visible! Could we add it to the top of the page near the customer's name? Or find a way to make it stand out more - add a banner, bright fon...

KhianaKlatt by Valued Contributor II
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Assign new phone number to customer at call booking

When an existing customer calls in from a new phone number, there should be a way to assign that new number to the existing customer once I select them from our customer list. Currently I have to do this after the call is booked by going into the cus...

ericocca by New Contributor
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Scheduling Assistant

Just looking to get an idea on the opinion of the Scheduling Assistant tool. How useful has it been for users? Would you recommend it?

No call bubble or audio recording

I have been having trouble with call bubbles not appearing and calls not recording. Last week tech support blamed it on that call bubble glitch however, it happened again today. I had call bubbles not appearing this afternoon and another 5min call I ...

KhianaKlatt by Valued Contributor II
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Trouble with Business Units

When creating a Job for my company all my Business Units are not showing when i create a Job i was concerned that maybe the Units were not active in Settings but when i looked at it all were showing active. Wondering am i doing something wrong. I jus...

dustyeair by New Contributor
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Resolved! Phones

Is there a formula for how many people I need to answer the phones, booking agents? I'm getting 400 plus calls a day and the two i have are not able to keep up. Is there any data out there that gives best practices for this issue?

jcopley by New Contributor II
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Preferred Technician

Let's all admit it... we all have customer's that have a favorite technician. Because of that, we use the Preferred Technician on the customer location. It has been a useful tool for some of our favorite customers. But I noticed since the upgrade, it...

JameeG by New Contributor II
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