New customer lead and coversion reporting

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Our company receive needs for multiple sources. (, inbound calls, website, Etc.) We also do use an Outsource call center for after hours. We are now trying to integrate leads in service titan into our reporting to monitor the conversion from receiving the lead to booking the job. Our old way of doing things is to enter the customer and making profile and communicate via phone call, text message and email. This way the phone calls recorded, we have a record of text message, and all the information we got from the lead is in the system for when the customer does call back. (Photo, comment, campaign info)

Now we're entering all information as leads with no profiles. I am wondering should we be creating profiles for customers and then creating leads? Or should we just enter the customer in as a lead with no profile? How should we enter this information to collect data?



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Thank you for asking this question, we are just starting to use the leads as well and have this same question.