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I know that the latest update this Spring has Dispatch Pro moving calls that are tech specific to other technicians as the system sees fit. It seems regardless of when a technician is assigned to the job ( during booking or after and then turning Dispatch Pro back on), Dispatch Pro is reassigning these jobs constantly.  Some of the jobs that we book involve returning with material that is picked up for that job specifically, or requires knowledge about something location or customer specific outside of a skill set. Aside from turning off Dispatch Pro entirely, doesn't anyone have a work around for keep tech specific jobs on the desired technicians after this update? As of right now, I am having to babysit all calls booked by our CSR team to assure that Dispatch Pro is appropriate for each job, and if not, manually assign the correct technician and toggle Dispatch Pro off. 


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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

They should not move if the tech specific toggle is on in the job. If they are still moving after you confirm that is on I would reach out to support. I also know that you are able to go back to the old setting by reaching out to support as well.

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