Dispatch Pro - Move tech specific jobs

I know that the latest update this Spring has Dispatch Pro moving calls that are tech specific to other technicians as the system sees fit. It seems regardless of when a technician is assigned to the job ( during booking or after and then turning Dis...

Job Value Predictor Report

Hello! We utilize Dispatch Pro and I am constantly looking at the technician's performance vs the Projected Value of their day. This data seems to exist only for the current day and unless manually written down, prior day performance to this projecti...

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Need some votes!

HBromberg by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Resolved! Classifying Calls?

Howdy everyone!At one of the sessions at Pantheon, the speaker spoke about "classifying calls" at either the end of the day or end of the week. I dont remember her name unfortunately.What exactly does this mean? How does this help? How is it done?I a...

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Looking for Dispatch Pro Discussion at Pantheon

Hello ServiceTitan Community!I am reaching out here to see if anyone is successfully using Dispatch Pro today, and would be interested in meeting up with me and a few colleagues to talk about how you got set up, what were some pain points or adaptati...

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Resolved! Dispatch Pro(s and Cons)?

Hey y'all -- I'm looking for feedback on dispatch pro feature. Any limitations that we should plan for? What's your favorite benefit from using dispatch pro?

Dispatch Pro

Hi Everyone!I am looking for some feedback about Dispatch Pro. Does it look into the future to assign jobs that are in the job tray? If so, how often and how far ahead?Thank you for any and all feedback! Melanie HammondVines Plumbing

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