Dispatch board organization, zones and capacity at a glance.

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In our Dispatch board, all our techs are organized into service zones. Within that, each of the techs have ratings, which corresponds to the number of maintenance calls our CSRs can schedule on them. Techs with ratings T1 and MR1 can have up  to 4 maintenance calls. Techs with ratings MR2, S1 AND S2 can only have up to two maintenance calls. Their ratings are located in the bio of each tech, so you have to hover over the techs picture to see it. This creates a slow down for CSRs when booking maintenance calls, because they have to check each techs rating individually to determine if they are already booked to capacity. Is there any way the techs can be color coded on the board in the order they are already in? Make all the T1 and MR1 techs Green and all the MR2 and S1-S2 techs Red, for example. Does such a feature exist? 





ServiceTitan Certified Provider
ServiceTitan Certified Provider

I haven't heard of this existing but it sounds like you might be able to accomplish this using skills. You could create ratings as skills and this way your CSRs can easily filter skills or teams on the dispatch board and add calls accordingly. The ability to filter on skills and teams will be coming out on the next release here shortly!

Sheena @ NiFT