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Our techs start at the office and end their day at the office.  We are noticing that when we do the optimization, it's taking the techs away from the office instead of closer, no matter where their afternoon jobs are.  Is there a way that we can set it so the optimization comes back to the office?  I'm not sure if this makes sense.  I know I can add it to the list when we view the route, but to have to ask my CSR to do that every day is going to be too much.  Any suggestions?


ServiceTitan Certified Provider
ServiceTitan Certified Provider

Hey @shannon the optimized route for a technician starts from the technician’s validated address, which almost always should be their home address. Given your scenario of starting and ending at the office, you should use the office address. Also, keep in mind that the service location addresses for the jobs must also be validated in order to be added to an optimized route! Hope this helps : )

- Sheena 

Sheena @ NiFT

We do use the office address as the techs address and all of our location addresses are validated or lat/long manually entered.  A lot of our customers are in the middle of nowhere so we have to sometimes do the mannual.

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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

Can you put the tech address's as your office address? 

Randi Thompson
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I have all the techs addresses as the office