Resolved! Dispatch Pro: Multi-Person Jobs

Fellow Dispatch Pro users, I'm looking for input on how you're handling Dispatch Pro when you have a tech and helper riding together. If you assign the call to both then DP turns off. Are you just assigning the lead and leaving the 2nd person as idle...

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Schedule Assistant needs work

We are trying to become more efficient with our routing and job scheduling. We're a pretty large company that does 50+ stops within a 40-mile radius of our shop every single day. We're tired of driving to the same towns that are 45+ minutes away, onl...

msjewell23 by New Contributor II
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Fill my route through dispatch by searching current clients

I would like our CSR's/dispatchers to be able to maximize those routes that only have one or two jobs in a particular area - a few days to a few weeks in advance. By using a job address from a route, the team would have the ability to perform a searc...

dan_rugc by New Contributor II
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Scheduling times

How is everybody setting booking times? Ex. 4 hour windows? Morning or afternoon? 2 hour windows etc. We currently are setting at 2 hour blocks but considering morning or afternoon to allow dispatch to work these calls more efficiently throughout the...

PolarAir1 by New Contributor
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Technician View

Is there any way for the technicians to view a Google Maps location photo? In a previous service we used the technicians would be able to see a photo of the property and general info (that is linked to google). Is there any way to add that feature?

Route Optimization Idea The 'Route Optimization' feature on the dispatch board needs some love. I've linked an Idea I made for it.

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4 Tips for Dispatchers!

We are always sharing great tips and ideas for dispatchers in our Community CSR / Dispatcher group. Over the next month, we will adding additional resources and materials to help dispatchers be successful. This week I shared 4 tips within ServiceTita...

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Map 2.0 GPS Integration

We want to start using the Map more and I see some other posts with regard to filtering the information showing on the map. I am wondering if anyone knows if there are any Vehicle GPS systems that can integrate with Service Titan for more real time t...