Office staff attendance Tracking

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I don't think it is possible in Service Titan, but I would love it if Service Titan allows Office Staff to have a screen that shows which Office Staff are checked in and working.  That way if they take a break or leave the facility they could check out and say where they are and approximately how long they will be gone.  It would help for anyone answering phones to know if a particular individual is gone, on break, and possibly coming back for the day.  Is this a feature that could be built into the Service Titan software?


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I don't know if this is helpful for you, but we have our office staff on the dispatch board (we are a relatively small company) and if they have appointments and such we use non event tickets to show those. 

ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

Dialpad has this capability if you are using Phones Pro, but as for only in ST there is nothing that offers that.  I have heard of companies having unmanaged techs as office employees.  Then you could use the dispatch board and grey blocks to show their status.  Also, Teams (probably Slack too, but I am not familiar with that platform) has status buttons that could be used.


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