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I am looking for a way to have our fit in/emergency call ins work to a bit better for this system. 

Currently when we have people who call in and need to be seen same day we book them like a usual job and leave it unassigned. When a technician is available for a job we then assign it to them. The issue I am having is if it rolls into the next day they are given an appointment reminder. We do not want that as its not necessarily for that time. 

Is there a better way to do this? I do not want to have to turn off the job notification for one job and not remember to turn them back on, and letting people know to ignore the text doesn't work. 


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Hello LeAnne, Thank you for reaching out. My name is Brit and I am a part of the support team. I understand that you do not want job reminders to be sent when a technician is not assigned. When reminder notifications are turned on, customers automatically receive a reminder text or email about their job appointments. Reminders are sent out for each and every appointment on the job, except for appointments that are on hold. By default, reminders by both email and text are sent 24 hours before an appointment. There is no way to turn off reminders for specific appointments on a job. Please let us know if you have any additional questions about the workaround

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ServiceTitan Certified Provider

Hi @LeAnneEdwards

I have forwarded the details you provided to our team of technical specialists, and your case is currently under review. The specialist will get in touch with you soon for further help.