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I used to really like Service Titan 4 years ago. Now I literally cannot stand it. All these "updates" that keep being done, does absolutely nothing but continue to complicate our jobs around here. We no longer have the option switch back to old version each time ya'll do an update. Now there is so much on our screens we have to navigate through that have become so complicated that it takes way longer than it should and way more aggravation to complete our tasks. We are going to talk with our boss and ask him to find another company besides Service Titan. Whoever is doing these "updates" and "improvements" clearly do not use Service Titan daily like I do.  We should not be forced to accept the changes you keep making when we are paying you for a service we signed up for as it was. It should be optional to have these changes not forced. 


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our hvac company just went “live” and it’s overwhelming..Im a dispatcher so I sure hope I get the hang of it . The owner went with service titan to track calls, jobs, and basically for the benefits of seeing the break down on costs vs profit and other expenses vs the bottom line ..I wish I had someone who could do actual training rather than the assessment tests they use as training . This is a very complicated software and I feel I know nothing nor was trained properly ( no fault of my company ) service titan doesn’t provide adequate training ..a few tutorials doesn’t scratch the surface .. it’s June , it’s hot and trying to navigate this while phones blowing up is daunting . Once I know a system , it’s intimidating to hear they have so many updates and you have no choice in whether you want them or not . 

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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

Like all software...updates happen.  Social media makes changes that we can't "undo", Amazon and all other online retailers, is the nature of technology.  ST does have real users test things out and provide feedback long before the update gets pushed out.  You could reach out to them and ask to be part of that testing to see if you can provide useful feedback.  


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