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Hello all,

My company has recently switched over to ServiceTitan software and we are all still learning the in's & out's. My lead technician had approached me this morning and requested that I add the full dispatch for the day to his mobile app. After extensive research and contacting Titan support, I learned Titan Mobile only allows for technicians to see their jobs for the day. My lead Tech is always out on the field and now does not have the ability to oversee how jobs are progressing unless he is in the office. With that being said, I am hopeful that Titan will entertain the thought of adding a permission to their mobile software that would allow lead technicians to be able to see the entire dispatch schedule for the day not just their own. 




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Miranda has a great idea there. It is currently how we combat the same issue that you brought up. We have a separate office employee login alongside their "tech" or mobile login. When using a mobile device, technicians can use their mobile browser and access the desktop version of ST. Using their Employee login, they can access more information. Tip: Make sure that the appropriate permissions are activated on the employee profile to ensure that they can access the data they need. Hope this helps! 


What Miranda said are the current options.

Our Field Managers all have a Mobile (Technician) login to use within the current Mobile App, and an Office (Employee) login to use on a desktop or from an internet browser on their mobile device.

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There is an office app in Beta testing right now that has the schedule on it.  You might want to look into that as an option?  Or if they use an ipad, then they could login with office credentials to see the day.

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