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Hi Everyone

Pretty new to the Servicetitan User team. 

Im Just wondering if there is a way to send reminders, for prebooked jobs/projects that could be planned and booked for a specific day A month our 2 in advance.  

One work around i found was creating a TASK in that specific Job/project.  Just curious if there is an Easier way or something that you could set to remind you of that specific Job/project Kind of like an Alarm Clock 

Thank you for any input you have 


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ServiceTitan Certified Provider

Hi @Patches

You can set reminder notifications so that customers automatically receive a reminder 24 hours (or whatever amount of time you set) before their scheduled appointment. However, ST doesn't have automatic reminders for office employees for pre-booked jobs/projects. 

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Thank You for the Reply and Advice 

I have posted this in the Idea where you had suggested