Resolved! Customer Notifications

I know we can turn off customer notifications for certain job types or business units, but is there a way to have different customized notifications based on job type or business unit? We want our service and sales notifications to be slightly differ...

cfalone by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Sales Appointments

Can notifications be sent to comfort advisors when a new appointment is scheduled? A text to their phone would be ideal.

Resolved! I need to get notified when a technician does not complete a job.

I need to be notified either on the dispatch board or on a morning report of all jobs not completed by the tech's. This is affecting our accounting as uncompleted jobs do not show up on the daily "all payments" reports that I forward to the bookkeepe...

tracy_c by New Contributor II
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🎉Idea🎉 “Sticky Notes” Let’s be real, we are all busy!Technicians working hard in the field and office staff keeps customers informed and taken care of. Wouldn’t be nice to be able to post a “Sticky note” to t...

BayleeR by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Pre Booked Jobs or Projects

Hi EveryonePretty new to the Servicetitan User team. Im Just wondering if there is a way to send reminders, for prebooked jobs/projects that could be planned and booked for a specific day A month our 2 in advance. One work around i found was creating...

Patches by New Contributor II
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Dispatch Mentor

Hello! I am the Dispatcher for a growing Plumbing, HVAC company in Myrtle Beach SC. I am looking to connect with a fellow Dispatcher from a company out of our area (same size or bigger) than we are to mentor and give/receive new ideas and best practi...

melaniehammond by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Wrap-up message alerts

I know it would make my life a million times easier if I could get wrap-up alerts texted to me when I'm on call. Anyone else? If so, please vote!

sambott1 by Contributor
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Text Reminder Verbiage based on Business Unit

I think it would be great if the text reminder verbiage could be based on business unit. For example, we give time frames on maintenance appts, but don't always provide a time frame for Demand (problem) calls, especially when we get very busy. We cur...

sbartlet by New Contributor II
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Limiting Technician Phone Calls to Customers

Good Afternoon,Our owner has tasked us with trying to reduce the calls from our technicians to our customers when in route to their location. we currently use service titan and our customers get a confirmation email as well as a text when our technic...

user_f54 by New Contributor II
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