Start Time - NOW Button

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Prior to dispatching an appointment. We like to ensure the start time is at the actual current time. Prior to the update we were able to click the time window box (when editing or "rescheduling" the appointment) and click "Now" it would then populate the current time. Now you are required to manually update the time itself. I really love that most changes can now be made from the job fly out screen. It would be helpful though when having to enter the job page that it did not open a new window and kept your current one. This causes issues with phones pro being disabled and agents going into off duty.


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We are also running into issues related with this. We edit the start to "now" when dispatching, and edit the end time to "now" when we are closing out the job. Having to manually change this time for every single call, 2x, is going to have an impact on efficency for our dispatchers.