Job Color Codes

I have posted an idea of the possibility for jobs on the dispatch board being color coded for easier view of not having to hover over the job to see the tags. There could be a color for most important tag (example: additional tech, ladder needed, etc...

H_Imbach by New Contributor III
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Tech Chat

I have posted an idea regarding the technician chat on the dispatch board. May help others as well that don't have the dispatch board on screen all the time to see the messages from techs.

H_Imbach by New Contributor III
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Resolved! Wait list calls using Service Titan - How we do it!

In our dispatch we do have a wait list we all keep on paper and pen, so we decided to utilize Service Titan for these types of call. Most of the time we get to these calls, but sometimes we can't help them.Here's the workflow I created that helps our...

ChelseaAce by New Contributor III
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Start Time - NOW Button

Prior to dispatching an appointment. We like to ensure the start time is at the actual current time. Prior to the update we were able to click the time window box (when editing or "rescheduling" the appointment) and click "Now" it would then populate...

michelle54 by New Contributor III
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Dispatch Board Calendar

When I am on the dispatch board and I go to the calendar to see the month, when I go to click on a date, it throws the calendar up, and every time I click on a date, it moves the calendar, but the 3rd click, it will pick a random date back in 2021 or...

ilenab by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Job sub-menu when linking from dispatch board

Hey @bmckechn, I saw your idea post indicating that when you click on a job from the dispatch board, you get a sub menu that you then have to skip by to actually get to the job. We have been upgraded but I'm not seeing that problem, so I suspect that...

michael21 by Contributor III
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