Changing the Business Unit on Existing Estimate Templates

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Does anyone know if you can, and how to, change the business unit on an existing Estimate Template? I believe it gave me the option to do this upon initial creation, but it doesn't seem to allow me to do it after creation.


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ServiceTitan Certified Provider

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When you create an Estimate Template you can select it to be Dynamic or Static. In the case of Dynamic, most fields can not be edited after creation as it auto-updates relevant fields when Pricebook is updated.

The question was specifically about editing business units for estimate templates, which your response did not directly answer. I don't see where to select business units even when creating a new estimate template. It doesn't matter whether I select dynamic or static type for the estimate template. Do I need some kind of configuration setting? I created a new estimate template and I can't use it in an estimate because it isn't associated with any business units.

Ok, I found the answer. It's been a while since I worked with estimate templates and I forgot that you have to put them into proposal templates to associate with business units and use them, even if you're only wanting to build an estimate from an estimate template in the office. 




Thank you! 🎉

The inability to not make those kind of adjustments after creation seems like an oversite. It causes time wasted on making a whole new template rather than adjusting one that already exists. 

Where might I make the suggestion to add the feature to openly edit existing templates as an option?