Does anyone have an idea on how to convert an estimate to an invoice at the office level?

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We take partial payment for jobs over $3000. When we do this it is before the technician goes to the home to begin work. I am hoping someone can help me figure out how to convert at the office level so the partial payment is reflected as well as the balance due and not just show a credit. Can someone help me with this?


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Hi Wendy, 

We collect a deposit directly to the customer account - Apply to Customer Profile -- Then we convert the estimate, book job on tech & apply payment to the invoice before the tech goes to the job. And then the actual amount due will show

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In the office you can go to the job view the invoice and at the top of the invoice you can sell/convert the estimate. This will sell the estimate but will not add items to the invoice. You then must go to the tasks for that estimate and click the check boxes for the items and then book to new job.  This will create a new job number and add all those items to the invoice on the new job. You could then apply payment to the new jobs invoice.  It can cause some confusion for the tech and dispatchers who may use the original job as the one the tech goes to and inputs all his materials and purchase orders. Selling jobs this way from the office does not allow you to sell for now it must be sold for later (unsure why service titan has not fixed this yet). It does tie the 2 jobs together in a project which can make tracking down information a little easier. This is the way service titan has suggested we sell estimates from the office.

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Hi Wendy, We have this same issue.. I understand how your work process works.. .The work around ST gave us is this. We go to the job where the estimate was made. We add an appointment ( turn off customer notifications) and put one of the technicians on it . We contact the tech and ask them to log into the job and sell it  and choose to do it now when they sell it. Then they mark their appointment as done. Then we go in and the estimate is now sold and converted to an invoice. Now we can apply the payment to the job and then we just add an appointment to the job for when the customer wants to book the job to start.  Note please make sure you change the job from an estimate in the top screen to a service job..otherwise the invoice the customer sees still says estimate.  If you need further clarifications let me know... This is the only way we can book the estimate to the job it was created on from the office side. This is very important because all the original notes and photos the tech made while going out to do an estimate will now be the invoice and all the information is there for the technician's to review etc. It would be a lot simpler if ST could just give the office staff the option to log into a job and sell it .. however it is not yet a priority with them . This is the work around we use and for now it is working for us.

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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

I would go ahead and move the items from the estimate to the job and take a partial payment on the job invoice. 

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