Introduce Yourself to Get the Spokes Turning

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Welcome to the Pioneering Trades community group! This is a space dedicated for our customers in new markets to learn, thrive, and meet other folks in their industry. We'd love to get your wheels turning with a few intro questions to get to know you better. 

1. What industry are you coming from?

2. How long have you been working in the trades?

3. What is your favorite ServiceTitan feature?

4. What is one area of the ServiceTitan product you would want to change? 


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1. What industry are you coming from? Irrigation Installation & Service, Lawn Health (chemical treatments), Landscape Lighting, Commercial Snow & Ice Management

2. How long have you been working in the trades? I have been here 5 years, but the business has been around for 30+

3. What is your favorite ServiceTitan feature? Customer notifications! It has made a HUGE difference in building trust with our customers from what we were previously using. 

4. What is one area of the ServiceTitan product you would want to change? Arrival Windows & Campaigns (not having to set each of these manually or with a data task for the Recurring Services Follow Up/Mass Scheduling). 

Welcome @kennethmiller!

Your recommendation for default arrival windows is a popular one with our irrigation and pool customers. There's a product feedback request submitted in the Ideas section and if you haven't already, please add your vote to it! It's COMMUNITY-I-713 Default Arrival Window for Recurring Services

Thank you, Molly! I have found it and voted 🙂

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Hello, All! It's high time I get my butt a bit more involved in the Community!

1. Pool Service and Repairs

2. Myself: 6 years ( I come from a software development background)

My company: operating since 1990!

3. Mine would be the integration between ST and QB. Before we switch to ST/QB Dec '21, we had a double entry system (our work order software didn't talk to our accounting software - fault of the accounting software... made my life hell!)

4. I keep finding little bugs here and there (which I of course report to my Success Manager.. I'm sure he's tired of hearing from me.. lol), but I would love to see the Accounting screen get some love and updating (I've been looking forward to that since the Estimate screen and others got re-vamped). I have to do a lot of little edits on invoice line items, which I have to go into each line item to change (things marked chargeable that should be, or should be and aren't; 'Calculate'ing marks un-chargeable to chargeable, etc). 

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Thank you for sharing! Love to hear your experience and your perspective. I can only imagine the double entry nightmare that you are describing. 

I wanted to give you some hope on the accounting screen! We have a pretty big improvement coming to our accounting screen over the next few months, hopefully around February. These things are always subject to potential delays, but I'm extremely excited for the improvements coming. 

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1) Irrigation

2) 20+ years

3) Love the ability to text with clients. Schedule assistant for day to day service calls. And many more.

4) Would love to have some management features on the mobile side (ability to see all tech schedules would be nice so I didn't always have to fire up the laptop while out working.)

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Hey there @Rainmaker! Thank for your into and for being here! 

To your point about mobile office functionality - we are actually developing a mobile app for the office. There's a beta happening for it now and I believe we are still accepting users into it. Reach out to your CSM for more information.

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1. Drinking Water/Well Water, Water Treatment & Irrigation

2. 8 Years

3. So many favorites but two specifics would be the Pricebook (and being able to add pictures!) and the ease of customer notifications.

4. Estimates (may be working on that currently with CSM) 

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1. Landscape Maintenance, But have Titan for our Sprinkler Division.

2. 12 years

3. favorite feature is the Pricebook.

4. Maps 2.0 could be improved with a more user friendly and better routing for density.