Introduction Time

New Contributor III

Hello everyone, my name is Levi and I am new to Service Titan. Had our first full day of using Service Titan on Friday and it went extremely well. There are a couple of things with Service Titan that I wish were a little more catered to Locksmiths but I realize that there are probably not a lot of Locksmiths with ST yet. That is where groups like this come into play. I am making a call to all Locksmiths and Security companies with Service Titan to reply to this message and hopefully, we can help each other out and try and get Service Titan to work as best as possible for us. Have a great weekend everyone.


New Contributor III

Welcome, Levi! I'm pretty new as well, I've worked for a Garage Door company since July of this year. I'm coming from being in call centers since I was 17, so that's 20 years, and I can honestly tell you, this is one of the BEST and easiest systems I've ever used. What saves me every time, if I have any question, for example, today, I needed to know how to print off a Payment Receipt, I click on the white ? in the right hand corner at the top, type my question, and they give you step by step instructions and video of how to do it! Sometimes a picture, sometimes a video, and I'm a very visual person, so that has helped me so much! 

Christie Richards
Lowry Doors

Yes, I agree with you that is one of the best things is that ?.