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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

Hey All. So our company has been around since the 80s. I have been here for almost 9 years. But...the owners (2 brother's) recently sold the company to an equity firm. Which is GREAT! The new company owns us, but not much is changing. They are letting us run business as normal...just with a few changes. The previous owners are still here for 1 year during the transition. (This took place in November 2023). I was the Office Manager and now I am the Director of Operations (Number 1 only under the new owner). Our Service Manager is now our General Manager (Mr. Number 2 under me and the new owner). Our 2 previous owners have been demoted to Finance Manager and Sales Manager. They were brothers. 1 brother is great with this. He is looking forward to retiring. Just is doing his job for the paycheck before saying good buy. The us all nuts. I understand seller's remorse, I understand that some people don't adapt to change well...but he is making this is NIGHTMARE. 

I am new at being in charge. Everyone here as really been awesome with accepting me as the go to person and I think I have been doing a pretty good job. But the previous owner is refusing to change to be on the same page and is deciding to do whatever he wants claiming "They can't fire me" because of his contract with the new owner. We are all doing our best to keep our heads down around him and let time play out....

But has anyone been in this position as the New person in charge with struggles to get everyone on the same page? Any advice other than smile and keep my chin up and try to be patient and understanding with him?


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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

Hi @dmbueno 

Sorry to hear about this change management struggle!

I have found that SOPs, documenting issues with notes, who it was reported to, turnaround time, etc. & having visibility into that for the team, and encouraging consistency with those has been helpful. I do think this gives you some CYA, but more importantly, it creates the structure for success.