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It would be great if we could edit alert emails. My goal is that once a job is sold, and alert email goes out to a specific team member with a link to a google form. This form is the process we want followed when jobs are sold. It would be such a simple add if I could just add that link. Make sense?


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@scullysp You actually can do this. You'll want to provide the link to the google form to your success manager and ask them to add it to the "SoldEstimateAlertTemplate" configuration. 

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@scullysp I think you should throw it in ideas to get votes for consideration by the development team! You got my vote. (But also, yes to Zapier integration!)

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Hi @scullysp! I love this idea! I wonder if this could be automated through the Zapier integration? Anyone with Zapier experience would love to hear your thoughts on this!!

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100% doable with Zapier- I used to do it at a previous company. I haven't tried it with the 2.0 API because I haven't used Zapier since two companies ago, but I definitely used it for customized alerts!!

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