Service Titan for commercial companies

Are there any service titan reps here? Is ST looking at expanding its commercial customer base? I love the idea of the community and love the idea of the upvoting to help mold ST from the users needs. The problem I see is the commercial side of thing...

Leehvac by New Contributor II
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Bulk Edit Customer Locations

Is there a way to bulk edit locations under a customer? We have a contract with a fast food chain that has 98 locations that we service and I need to add tags to every location. I have tried Academy and Knowledge Base with not a single bit of help fr...

ladams76 by New Contributor III
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Resolved! Staff room

Hey everyone!Currently, our office space is very rarely seen by customers and is only seen by staff. We have a few desks set up for office work; a table with hard plastic chairs for staff meetings, training, lunch breaks; a small kitchen area with a ...

KhianaKlatt by Valued Contributor II
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Screen displays in office

We have a TV screen that we were going to use in our office and put up on the wall. We are wondering what other HVAC companies display on screens in their office? Currently our office isn't set up to have customers in regularly. Down the road, as we ...

KhianaKlatt by Valued Contributor II
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customer portal???

We are a commercial HVAC-R company and I see in the customer portal it is set up for invoices. We would like to use the customer portal for customers to keep track of what was done at their sites but not for invoicing. Is there a way to set up the cu...

Leehvac by New Contributor II
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Digital Footprint

Is there a way to see all of an office user's activity (digital footprint) in a report?

jcopley by New Contributor II
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Search customers - Page tabs needed

On the Service Titan customer search page (that lists the customer name and the service location) we are in need of a page tab in the worst way. Example.. if I filter all of the customers located on the Northwest side of town I may get 500, Service T...