Invoice Template Layout

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We have a bunch of customers who prefer a paper copy of their invoices, estimates, etc.

Why in the love of Pete would it ever make sense to have our Logo on the left and our return address on the right of the invoice template?  We use standard number 9 two window security envelopes, common to the free world.  Does anyone else like to save a bunch of effort and simply fold and stuff rather than print a label or print on the envelope?  Saves a ton of time and resources if we can swap the return address and logo locations.  Ain't nobody got time!



I wonder if you could toggle the image on invoices specifically to be a version of your address?  Except now that I think of it, I think it pulls the related logo that you have uploaded to the business unit.  

I agree with you - I would love a completely customizable invoice layout tool.  To be fair, I'd like one for estimates too!



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