Resolved! Emailing customers invoice/photos/estimates

Does anyone know how I can send a customer an email that contains, the invoice, the photos from that job, and the proposed estimates. The invoice has been closed and exported already. Im trying to put this all into one email if possible. I know how t...

dphilcox by New Contributor II
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Editing Notes and Date Changes

Hi all, I wanted to flag an issue that has come up in our office with taking and editing notes. There are times in the Job history that we need to edit notes but still want the original date of the note reflected. There is an auto time/date stamp for...



Good afternoon, I have come across an issue with notes on customer accounts. We have notes pinned that need to be unpinned and when I unpin them the original date changes to today's date. I need for the original date to stay on the note when it is un...

vwiggins by New Contributor II
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Screen layout

Good morning, In the last update the look of the customer and location screens was updated. When that happened the membership on the location side was moved to the bottom of the screen, but it is still at the top on the customer side. It was at the t...

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Resolved! Looking for tips, tricks, or process to view all Open Projects

I manage all HVAC New Construction projects for our company. I'm looking for a way to view all open projects, within my business unit. I can have 50-100 projects going at once, all in different phases/stages of construction. Is there anything current...

SallyC by New Contributor III
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Customer Chat Feature

Hello Everyone! I believe Service Titan users would greatly benefit from changes to the customer chat feature. The changes would include being able to close multiple threads at once similar to the way someone would delete multiple emails in their inb...

Resolved! New Customer / Location Page View

A few early thoughts as we see the new changes. ***We can no longer see the audit trail / history on payment methods. We need this back.Invoices and payments. With the division of these sections, matching up payments to the invoices can be tedious. E...

mkane by New Contributor III
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Equipment with multiple warranties

How do you track the warranty periods for equipment with multiple warranties? The equipment file only allows for 1 warranty period. If we install a rooftop package unit it comes with a 1 year parts warranty, 5 year compressor warranty and 10 year hea...