We need more Filtering for Chats!

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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

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In the Chats screen, I would love to be able to filter the chats. Filter by day, filter by who responded, filter by last respond date, filter by who responded last (customer or your employee). Really, just a filter date would be great.

Problem we are facing: When a chat is closed and it goes into the closed chats tab, it is not in any type of order. Looking for one that just closed could be at the top, or it could be 50 down.

Another thing you could use a date filter would be to see how many chats that you had in a current time period. how many are still open and how many are closed to look at KPIs.

Renee Lenox - Service Specialties Inc. | LadyTitans Board Member

ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

The date sorting needs to be corrected or additional sorting options added too. The sorting should be compiled by date received of the most recent message as a default.

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The filter option is a good idea, I just posted a topic for the option of notification to the sender that the customer has replied.