What have you learned from EmberSessions?


Hey everyone!

I wanted to post about some learnings we've had internally from doing EmberSessions, and I would love to hear what y'all have learned as well!

1. A lot of folks don't know about a lot of resources that are available. A couple big call outs:

- The Universal search in Community

- TitanExchange in your Settings to grab things like forms, tags and reports  

2. Some hidden tricks within the system to make your life easy! A couple big call outs here as well:

- You can right click and open up a lot of things in ServiceTitan in a new tab

- Using the / key on your keyboard brings up a quick search inside ST

Im curious, what have you all learned from being in these sessions? Whether its a quick tip, or a bigger change, we'd love to hear some of your takeaways 🙂 

Sena Sadeghi

New Contributor

I learned about campaigns and I had no idea how that worked.  I found it very interesting.  I can tell that this is going to be a great 6 weeks.

Amazing stuff! And when that 6 weeks is over, feel free to come back in here and post more learnings that you had 🙂 

Sena Sadeghi

ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

I am really enjoying the step by step approach from Megan in Titan Advisor.  Areas we thought were no issue are now areas we can see improvement.  Also, being in those groups settings we are hearing how other companies use the same features differently.  I have already looked at a few of our workflows (membership renewals and photos on jobs) to see if we could tweak them out based on feedback from the group.  

Yes, I love to hear this Steven! 

Sena Sadeghi

New Contributor II

So far, i have learned a good amount about the different avenues of knowledge regarding ST. I thought the academy and knowledge base was alot, but the community is awesome. Not to mention the ember sessions alone. Just getting into our TitanAdvisor and looking at the different things we are missing, like marketing campaigns and phone numbers has already helped us start tracking things better. I also learned through exploring the marketing module in ST about the ability to quickly see what our call volume is, jobs booked, jobs sold and revenue. I may have found that eventually, but Ember Sessions got me there sooner. Thanks Tim! 

This is amazing to hear Sean! Glad we can help 🙂 

Sena Sadeghi

ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

Free Training Rocks!

Titan & Friends

Training Tuesdays, Winning Wednesdays, Feature FriYay! 

Event Calendar (Old Titan Center) on Community home page find: Training/Webinars/Releases

Don't Forget to review all the Pantheon Sessions as well!

Hope that helps! 



Tim Sjobeck
Program Facilitator
Director of Smiles

Yes Tim, love this!

Sena Sadeghi