Adding Customer PO#s to Emails Subject Line when sending invoices

New Contributor

It would be very helpful if there was a way for us to include our Customers PO numbers in the Subject Line of our invoices we email out. We have 2 of our larger clients requesting this information and it would save us alot of time to have this entered in for us automatically when we go to email an invoice instead of us having to type it manually every time we send an invoice. It would also really help our customers easily identify what job the email we are sending out is referencing. @everyone @karintaylor 


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My company would 100% agree on this one.  We need the Customer PO# to be visible on our documents, so when we invoice them, they know where to put it in their system.  Our only work around to get it to print at the customer level is to add it to the Customer Name, which is not ideal.  Forms in ServiceTitan need quite a bit of work as they work, but fall short on the long run.  They need more flexibility.