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Hey All! I am looking for someone who is well reversed in Service who would be willing to be a contact for me. I have been using Service Titan for the last 2 1/2 years, but some things that seem like they should be so easy aren't. 

So basically, I looking looking for someone who I can build a relationship with and contact either via email or phone when these things come up. I am always looking to improve and better my knowledge and understanding of Service Titan and I am just not sure where to begin.

Thanks in advance,

Dawn Lamonda



Hey Dawn,

Feel free to PM me if you ever need some assistance. I'd be happy to help!

Have you looked into EmberSessions yet? If you've already done Ember's there is Sparks too. They are a great way to deep dive into the software to get to know it better and to learn how others use it to tackle similar scenarios. They just made a post on Embers recently https://community.servicetitan.com/t5/General/Introducing-EmberSessions/td-p/33822

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I like this idea.  

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