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We are looking to have the ability to turn on Member Savings and exclude it from New Construction business units. Currently we are told that it is an "all or nothing" feature. We have it turned off, because of the reaction from our Contractors. Does anyone have a work around? We would like to take advantage of the feature on estimates and invoices for our residential home-owner customers. 


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if it is a flat % rate you can simply add a membership discount to discounts in the pricebook and just apply that only when it is applicable.  it may not be the best solution either but you can also duplicate your pricebook put them in different categories and only make 1 availible for the new construction business unit and the other only to the other side and apply membership discounts only to the 1 category.

I am curious though how often does a new construction customer become a member and what are the benefits of being a member for a new construction customer?

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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

You can turn it off at the customer level 

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