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On the monthly calendar view, is there a way to show the service location name up front, rather than the customer name?  This would be helpful for projects when working with specific builders with multiple locations (jobs).  The current setup on the monthly calendar view shows the location name (builder) only.  When there are multiple jobs within the calendar view, the builder name is only visible, unless you hover over each appointment to see what location the appointment is referring to.

Also, it would be a nice feature to drag and drop appointments on the monthly calendar view (like the dispatch board), to easily change appointment day and times.  This seems to be a pain point when navigating through project appointments and the steps needing to take when scheduling, adding, or changing appointments,  The  monthly calendar view gives all visibility when scheduling and is tremendously difficult to do on the dispatch board with one day viewing.  Does anyone else have this issue or have heard that Service Titan will be updating any feature towards this to benefit project scheduling?




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ServiceTitan Certified Provider

Welcome to the Community and congrats on your first post, @KMooney 🎉

Thanks for sharing your feedback. That sounds like something for the ideas page! 💡