Question about Service Titan Advisor Score

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We've reached out to ST support but no one was able to help us, so I'm hoping maybe someone on here will have an idea.

We're losing points for a few things that we're doing daily, and we're not sure why:

1. Dispatch selecting specific Business Units to filter the view of our Dispatch board
2. Dispatch viewing Chat History with our technicians'
3. Dispatch filtering Job Type

We've been struggling to figure this out for a while, so any help is appreciated!
Also, please let me know if I'm missing specifics to better explain.


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Hello there, 

We're having the same issue and I was curious what the outcome was. We were docked 3 points for not using the chat on the dispatch board with the technicians when I feel like we have been paying close attention than ever. Why would it be deducting points from us?  
 Any input is appreciated.


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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

I just messaged them. Thanks Baylee!

Tim Sjobeck
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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

Oh maybe @tsjobeck  could help you! He’s  the King of all things Titan advisor! 

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Thank you, Baylee!