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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

How is this happening?? Can we start a petition?? What customers did you review...it wasn't me or probably the other 31207 members of Community!! I don't like getting on Facebook while I'm at work because I end up going down a rabbit hole of watching funny videos, looking at stupid ads, checking in on friends and I have to filter through all the negative comments and try to bite my tongue to not give those comments/commenters a piece of my mind. I would vote to sunset Masterminds and keep Community!! Community is the perfect place to come to get help or help others, see announcements, share ideas, ALL THE THINGS! 😭😡

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Randi Thompson
Bill Joplin's Air Conditioning & Heating

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We have blocked access to facebook using our firewall and have no plans on unlocking it. What's next, go to tik toc for a business issue?!?

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I truly cannot understand the customer side logic in this decision.  

This should be the "centralized" platform. 

Of course, this space costs money to host and offers no further monetary incentives than our current exorbitant monthly subscription fees. 

I can only guess that ST has found a way to incentivize holding us hostage to Facebook clicks. 

This is greed, not logic. 

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PLEASE NO FACEBOOK! This works great as is and I really try to avoid that platform as much as possible. 

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When I have an issue, the FIRST place I check is Community, because the search functionality is far better and more specific than KB or Academy, and usually it is something that someone has already worked through and is more than willing to help out.  KB and Academy take me down a list of courses that have absolutely nothing to do with what I need, but I have to go through each one to find out that NONE of them do.   Plus, Community is only accessible to current ST customers, so there is some accountability to the people who are part of it.  Facebook is a free-for-all, with outside companies marketing their businesses and / or services, and some of them seem to be direct competitors, so of course they like to stir up the discontent.  Please reconsider.  #savecommunity

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I saw this on another post.  I'm not sure that a vote will change the minds of the powers that be, but it's worth a shot. 




This is just crazy I've have gained so much knowledge through the community! This is much faster then being on hold for ST to help with a issue.  

Tiffany Mendez
Office Manager / Genzel Plumbing

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I do not want to go to Facebook.  My Facebook is my personal life.  I do not want to make a second account for my professional one.  Please don't go that route.

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This is horrible. I've gained the majority of my knowledge through the community. I refuse to use facebook during work hours.

What about the people who have the site blocked at work? 


It's downright ridiculous that ST thinks FB will be a better place for a "community" group. There are plenty of ST users who don't use FB/are not even allowed on FB during company time. 

I don't see any benefit to this.