Custom Line Items on PO's

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A lot of the work we do (hardscapes/water features) is standard and we have the Pricebook pretty well built out. However, it is inevitable that we will need to purchase and track items that aren't in our pricebook. For example, my maintenance tech is retrofitting a fountain and needed 20 nozzles ordered that we've never used before and will never use again. I don't want to add this item to my pricebook just to be able to track it on a PO inside of servicetitan, I would like to just be able to add it in manually to the PO. Any thoughts or ideas?


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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator


In addition to Miranda's reply, we have also generated "special order" item codes at regular dollar intervals to use in building custom services.


Plumbing Material $25 

Plumbing Material $50

Plumbing Material $75


Each material is linked to a corresponding Service. This helps our field team select the service most appropriate after the special order material costs have been determined.




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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

I use a "Special Order" item code.  It is an item that is not inventoried and I have it set to be $0.01.  This allows us to edit the price and description on a PO without it affecting inventory or clogging up the pricebook.  

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