Job Costing not including cost of equipment or the PO the equipment was purchased on.

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Here is a short description of the problem:
When we requisition our equipment off of the estimate and add the equipment to the invoice closeout process the cost of the equipment does not show up in the job costing.
Here is an example:
This job Invoice 135191228 shows the equipment add from the invoice closeout as $0
The Project Finacial Show Equipment on Budgeted and Actual Table. (This was where I was looking )
The PO created from the estimate requisition has the equipment cost but I cannot associate this with the job.
The receipt has a field for the job number but I'm unable to edit it


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We have the same issue. When I reached out to Support, I was told this was expected behavior to avoid double costing. We don't use projects so our costs are not on the project level. We have to manually add the costs to every invoice. We have tried creating the PO from the invoice and pulling the PO into the invoice. Both results have zero costs. 

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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

You have to add the job number in the PO when you are creating the PO or by clicking edit before you receive the PO. Another option is to create the PO from the invoice page (Add a purchase order) which will attach it to the job. Once received, the cost will show up in a section called "Purchase Order (or Bill) (**.** percent of sale)". I hope this helps. 

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@joeandjo I wish it was that easy but the system will not allow me to enter a job number with the requisition from the estimate workflow. 

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ServiceTitan Certified Provider

Hey @blutz , the reason you don’t see the costing in the invoice level is because the requisition sits on the Project level.  The project holds the purchasing costs, when you add it to an invoice the costs are not added to prevent double costing in the project.  

@Jeremy_Wick  There are some holes in that theory. I think this is a product hole and it hurts. I will list some reasons below. I love projects and the estimate requisition process but this is a problem. 

  • POs created in other workflows have bot job and Project numbers. 
  •  Web
  • The workflow still zeros out the cost on the job invoice.
  • Not having the cost on the job breaks Configurable Payroll

We have just activated configurable payroll and are experiencing the exact same thing. Were you ever able to get a resolution?

I  paused this effort. I guess that it is still a problem with configurable payroll. If you see it change or get an answer please tag me on this thread.