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Does ServiceTitan have any plans to allow technicians to see their truck quantities in real time outside of inventory counts?  Right now our field can only see their quantity when we have them do a truck count.  It would be extremely helpful for them to know if they have a part on their truck and how many.  Or if they notice their quantity in ServiceTitan is off they can notify the office for an adjustment.  Seems like an easy update with plenty of benefit.  


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My recommendation would be a few things: 

It is a lot easier for your Warehouse Manager to pull a report of what is on your technician's truck and give it to them as a physical copy than to use when counting by navigating to the Inventory Module > Inventory Locations > click on the truck you want to check. From here, you can see all available inventory and export to PDF or Excel, and doctor it up from there.

If the tech lists something as zero, you can make the adjustment in ServiceTitan and if your truck uses a template, it will tell you to automatically reorder as you make adjustments. This will also help with accountability on shrinkage if your tech is counting the truck themselves alongside someone else. NEVER let a truck count their truck on their own! 

My experience with the mobile app is not great on the technician / warehouse sides just yet. 

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A question for you: 

Who is performing the inventory counts on the trucks - is it the technician or someone else?

If it's the technician, you could potentially run into an issue of pencil-whipping and undervaluing your inventory as they may not actually count everything as they should. It could result in a situation where your technician says they counted 10 of an item, but in reality only had 5 of them. They go to their next jobs and "use" a few to make up for their false number and even out the inventory, therefore giving inaccurate job costing. Ideally, you'd want someone from your warehouse, or another employee separate from the technician, to count the inventory to ensure accuracy and no conflicts of interest. 

Technicians should never really run out of items. If they are, this usually means that replenishments are occurring as often as they should, the items are not being added properly to jobs to update the on hand quantity at the truck, or that your templates need to be adjusted to ensure that the min/max for the items better reflects actual usage.

In the event that your tech is simply using more that others, you can create a new template for the at tech or have a PO created to purchase additional items.

Regular audits, at least once a quarter, would help to alleviate this issue.

Furthermore, your office staff should already know about inventory discrepancies because ST allows for negative balances automatically for the technicians. If they have more than their physical inventory shows, a negative balance will result and prevent the job from being closed out. This forces the office staff to create the adjustment and figure out why the inventory on hand count is incorrect. 

I would think a technician would notify the office for a PO, or create one themselves, if they determined that were going to need more or if they were out, regardless of if they had a physical count on the mobile app or not.

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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

We are just getting started with inventory, so this would be a great feature.

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Would love to know the answer to this as well.