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We've been with ST for one year, and the person who did our PriceBook did it completely wrong.  So I'm having to rebuild it.  The issue is when it was originally set up, that was not what I was set to learn I really don't have the information other then starting from scratch (and the original builder is no longer with the company.)

I'm just curious if anyone would allow me to look at their Pricebook so that I can compare notes on what it should look like, or the best way for us to have it set up.  Anything would be helpful.

We are in the Water treatment and delivery business...just as an informational.



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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

I am in a completely different industry (garage doors) so my pricebook may look very foreign to you but happy to show you how we laid it out and how it works well to setup for inventory, automated payroll and other features.  Just message me directly and we can set up a quick zoom call.

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Adam, I am here looking for help and came across this post.  Let me know if you are willing to set up a zoom call with me so I can take a look at what you have!  We are a garage door company in Buffalo, NY.

Adam if you would not mind sharing . I would like to see it .


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Thank you for the offer.  I just might take you up on it.

We don't do payroll in ST.  But it would be nice to see how you have it laid out for different options.

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I feel your pain. ours was a mess when i took it over. here are some set up hints and ideas. first off make a list of all the services you offer. (we are a menu price company) The look at the various groups of services you offer and group like services together, for instance your various systems set up as on group and services as another and so on. Then build a task for each item in the price builder. 

you will have to use your knowledge as to what materials you will include or exclude from each task. This will build your catalogue of services. once you get it done, it will be an online catalogue for your techs .

once you have it up and running, set your gross margin targets in your company and review the invoices job costing tab to see where you may need to adjust the pricing. follow the materials that the techs are using for the tasks and also adjust. remember small fitting add up and will affect your GM so you will want to make sure you have everything on the tasks. when. you get it all said and done, you will be clear sailing to profitability. 

remember when you do menu pricing the techs naturally want to think TM. they need o be broken of that habit. That is why we do not like CPR tasks to be used unless approved by management. 

yes start from scratch but do it with a plan. Think how your customers see your prices and how you want them to buy. 

Michael Taggert

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Thank you....part of my issue is all the duplicates in the different tabs...I'm trying to understand why that is even wanted, or what she was thinking when it was set up.  

I'm pretty much doing what you suggested...and trying not to overwhelm myself.