Warn of exported job before letting me enter all PO details

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When creating a purchase order, when I search for a job, it allows me to select the job, populate the entire PO and ONLY when I try to save it does it tell me the job has been exported. At that point if I open a new tab to recall the exported job (and get a new job number) then go back to my PO tab, I can't change the job number... UNLESS I refresh my screen first, which dumps everything I've entered for the PO. It's a LOT of wasted time.

Yes, permission to edit exported jobs is on, so it is not blocked by that.

If there is already a topic on this, please let me know and I'll upvote it.


ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

There's a feature config to "Hide 'Add a Purchase Order' Option on Posted and Exported Invoices".  Then you can't even create the PO on an exported job.  However, you won't get that warning when creating the PO from the PO screen in inventory.  I haven't seen an idea for this...would definitely vote for it!

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