Assistance Needed!

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Hey, everyone! 

Currently our service call fee is listed as a line item on customer invoices. I am trying to find a way in which we can include the service call fee, but not as a line item. This way, the service call fee is not visible to the customers. Within dynamic pricing, we have looked into using different price levels but then this interferes with our current price level 2, as the service call fee is in units of cash and our current price level 2 is in a percent format for time and a half charges (50%).

We have tried changing the surcharge from a percentage to the service call fee, and adjusting price level 2 and 3 to 4% and 54%, respectively. This way, price level 2 (4%) would be applied to every invoice as it would cover for the surcharge fee that was changed to service call fee. Price level 3 would include time and a half (50%) plus the 4% surcharge fee for jobs that require after hour rates. However, this method is not perfect as the invoice total calculates to be a few dollars off than what it was with the 4% surcharge fee and the service call fee line item service call fee. 

Additionally, we have tried adding the service call fee to our billable rate but have had problems with this as well. 

Any solutions or comments in general are much appreciated and go a long way in assisting us! 




Are you familiar with client-specific pricing? That is what we use to include most of our fees in our markup, but that it is not visible to the customer. 

We add it to specific rate sheets we create and apply those rate sheets to the invoice.