Changing PO numbers / Assigning previous PO to Job

Hello!Is there a way to change the purchase order number after its created to assign it to a job? For example, We created a PO for an air handler that's on backorder to have it ready when we need it for a job. Once it comes in we have a job number in...

AWTC_Tony by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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How best to structure the Pricebook for HVAC install

New to ST and trying to wrap my head around how to structure the pricebook for HVAC Install projects. My main goals are to have material costs, equipment costs and sold labor hours included for reporting purposes. My problem is how to structure the p...

Additional Price Book Fields for Equipment

There are a few pieces of data that would be nice to have a dedicated field for on equipment:"Ton(s)" : How many tons a cooling unit is rated for, for example"BTU": BTU rating for heating equipment. You already have "SEER" for cooling."Stages": Selec...

ridstein by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Sending job confirmation template

Hello service Titan Community,I have a situation that is reoccurring in my office in an effort to be as efficient as possible. We are in the garage door business and we make tentative appointments for customers and THEN ask them to confirm the date a...

TGDG by New Contributor
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Audit trail question

Is there a place in the audit trail to see who adjusted splits on a job? I’m almost sure it used to be there and now I’m not finding it.

AmyHart by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Job history takes way too long to load

When going to history and clicking view job, I get "Loading Job..." and it can take up to 5 minutes to load....I am on web version of Service Titan with fiber internet. Also would be great if there was just a simple BACK button in place of Dashboard ...

jzivan by New Contributor
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Resolved! Waitlist?

I was wondering if other companies have a "waitlist" for there jobs and what and how do you use a waitlist in ST. After our customer pays their deposit, we order the material and wait sometimes 6 months for it to come in. We currently use the follow ...

Resolved! Schedule Date for Attributed Jobs

A ServiceTitan Customer Support Advocate said I should post this here. We have found that attributed numbers are more accurate than direct booked jobs or calls when looking at campaign performance numbers. We are hoping the Product team may consider ...

Copy and Paste

With the new update friday, we can no longer copy and paste information within a job from the custom field section. Is anyone else having the same issue? Are the developers working on getting this fixed?

sherisa by New Contributor
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