How do I attach a Sold Estimate to the job it was created in?

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Hello All,

I would love some guidance on how to accomplish the following. 

Technician goes onsite to perform scheduled work and or to determine work needed, he returns to the office with a request from the customer for an estimate for the work to be performed.

We task one of our Sales Engineers with the Estimate request from that job page as all the captured information lives there, pictures etc. They will create the Estimate from that job page. 

Once the Estimate is sold how do I attach it to that same job? I only see an option for booking a new job. 

Thanks in advance.


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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

I have a similar question about converting estimates from a job. Our circumstance is that the tech is going out to do a membership tune up and would like to renew the membership for another year, which has 2 recurring events. If the customer is unsure about renewing at the time they are given an estimate that they can click on in the invoice if they decide later to renew. So the membership itself is not a job but when it is accepted and we convert it it makes us book a new job which is attaching the invoice for the membership to the job . The job is not scheduled for 6 months and the payment is exported soon after it is received. So on the accounting side of things it is not balancing. Is there a way to convert this membership with out booking a job. 

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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

Why are you trying to attach the sold estimate work to the same job? is the tech going back right then to make the repair? Proper work flow would be to check all the items on the estimate and hit book new job, that will automatically create a project containing the original service call (estimate was given on) and the repair call (work performed on), schedule the repair for a future date. If you want to see the total costs and margins for both jobs click into the project then click on project costing. 

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Hello @MML,

In order to book the estimate in the same job, the technician must arrive to the job, navigate to estimate and click on perform work now. This will book the estimate into the same invoice. The best option for this would be to add an additional appointment to the job,