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We would like to see an automation where we can choose what we would like th sold by split to be. At the moment it automatically goes to whomever was assigned to the job first. We would like to have it split 70%/30% for example between electrician and apprentice.


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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

Same here. We have a lot of large jobs where multiple technicians contribute evenly to the completion of the job. However, the performance reports only give 100% to the first technician added to the job. You have to manually change the splits on the invoice side, which is a real pain (unless I am overlooking some automatic process that is available). Would love to have the option to share the split evenly or proportionally between all technicians on the job, especially if you could base it on the number of appointments or something.

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Go add this to the Ideas page and share the link here.  I'll go vote for that one

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